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MVP Disc Sports Neutron Servo fairway driver

Flight numbers : 6.5 | 5 | -1 | 2

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Neutron Servo fairway driver by MVP Disc Sports.

The Servo is part of a new class of fairway drivers with a lower power requirement and more controllable speed. Its extended GYRO® Push yields a straighter lateral movement and immense glide with an effortless forward fade. Both high- and low-power throwers alike will achieve easy pinpoint accuracy with ultimate line control, making the Servo their go-to placement driver in the fairway.

The Servo’s flight path is characterized by its reduced lateral movement and broad power handling. Low- and average-power throwers will find a very straight flight that carries for a long time with a forward penetrating fade. Power throwers will achieve a subtle turnover followed by a long glide phase. Its workable stability will cover a wide range of fairway driving needs.